Insurance Administration Software

Maximize your agency's potential, increase your sales, retain customers, organize tasks and get a high efficiency level keeping you up-to-date with key indicators.


AdminSeg is a complete online Management System, which is ideal for Brokers, Agencies, and Professionals in the insurance industry.

Agencies in Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela are benefiting from this software. Manage insurance policies within your organization. Avoid dependency and lack of processes.

The increased use of online resources has allowed agents to significantly increase the development of their business. Processes like commission reconciliation, automatic notification of renewals, payments, cancellations, special dates, etc., generate added value, new business, and big savings in the organization’s operation.

AdminSeg offers many advantages, from the complete management of your portfolio to personalized production inquiries from any Internet-connected device.

Organize your Customers, Companies, News & Events, upload your Policies in a detailed and professional manner, see your production by creating your own reports and graphs.

Add value: Check your qualification for various contests, stay informed and properly notify customers about policies and upcoming renewals. Manage your commissions and those of your agents through a user-friendly, reliable, and 100% online system

With AdminSeg you’ll have a competitive advantage by optimizing your processes in detailed, professional, and accessible manner.

The Best Solution for Your Company

With AdminSeg you’ll have a competitive advantage by optimizing your processes in a detailed, professional, and accessible manner.


Administración de Pólizas de Seguro. Renovaciones, Pólizas Pendientes. Archivos Adjuntos.
Vida, Salud, Inversiones, Viaje, Patrimoniales, otros.
Reportes de Producción Personalizados. Gráficos. Carga y Exportación.
Comisiones. Liquidación por Niveles. Contratos por Compañía. Resumen histórico.
Contratos por Agente y Agencias. Niveles. Porcentaje por Producto.
Compañías, Productos, Planes, Coberturas Adicionales.
Estructura Comercial de cuatro niveles. Agentes, Gerentes, Directores y Director General.
Edición completa de Clientes, Agentes, Contactos, Proveedores, Empresas, otros. Personas Físicas y Jurídicas.
Calificación a Concursos. Envío de Reportes On Time a Agentes.
Reportes Automáticos. Renovaciones, Reclamos, Pólizas Pendientes, Producción, Vencimiento de Tarjetas, otros.
Calendario de Eventos, Notificaciones, Noticias. Notas de Agentes.